“A man’s accomplishments in
life are the cumulative effect
of his attention to detail.”

– John Foster Dulles, American Diplomat

Collection Arabesco:
My love for design and for this visionary artist are the driving force behind the collection

I thought of this collection as a hand drawing
in which the colors punctuate the thicknesses of the frame. The asymmetrical lenses are illuminated by visible cavities on the face, the «prototype» hinge gives a homemade feeling.

Go with the flow, a wave of energy takes you between the dunes and the skyscrapers !
Gianluca Gualandi’s futurist and retro, powerful and attractive line takes you to a dream world.

Discover new shapes: Sinuoso, Armonico, Tonka… and new colors in the iconic Pibe and Shaker shapes.

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